Celeb Tweetup: Courtney Love Really Needs To Talk To Edward Norton

We don’t know what the hell is going on here, but Courtney Love (@CourtneyLoveUK) has just gone a half hour rampage on Twitter, directed entirely at ex-boyfriend Edward Norton (@edwardnorton). We can’t tell if she angry, or in love, or just off her meds, but it really made our Friday afternoon. Thanks Courtney!

Yes Courtney, who do you have to blow around here for this made up thing?

You’d think this was in reference to something she said earlier but nope. Btw, Edward Norton has yet to Tweet back.

God forbid the imaginary paparazzi who are tapping her phone lines don’t get every word Courtney says. It has to be on public record or else she’s not crazy!

Poetry in insanity.

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