Dating For Apple Lovers

Despite the fact that Carrie Bradshaw’s made the big move from Apple to PC in the new Sex And The City 2, we’ll always remember her as the Mac girl. Especially because of that episode where her hard-drive crashes and she tries to get Aidan to fix it, but seeing as he’s a Dell guy…well, that’s when she elevates the message of computer incompatibility to one of her Bradshaw-esque metaphor. But as dating online because a more and more legitimate way for blogger shut-ins to meet their potential break-up partner, a new site Cupidtino promises to introduce you to just your type…fellow Apple enthusiasts.

So what does this site offer besides the promise of being able to go on your first date at the Apple store to pick out matching his-and-hers iPads? Technically, the designers of the site aren’t associated with Steve Jobs or his company, so this is just basically just another piece of great publicity for the juggernut that is Apple. But Cupidtino says that its site is  “packed with designers, photographers, musicians, and tons of creative types.” That’s right, stuffy old Wall Street guys use Dell, that guy in a band has a Mac. Who would you rather date?

Besides being slightly reductive, is this site any more ridiculous than say, OkCupid, which helps match you up with a potential boyfriend by making you take a series of time-waster quizzes? At least with Cupidtino you’ll know at least one thing you already have in common with your date: A weird fetish for sleek design-ware and a 5-hour bitch session about how they need to update Google Chrome out of Beta.

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