Kate Hudson Insinuates: No Boob Job, Just Fat

The biggest (har) news from Kate Hudson lately is that she may have gotten a boob job, or is pregnant (or I guess, technically it could be both?). So maybe David Letterman force-feeding her waffles on the Late Show last night while Kate tells the audience she doesn’t even watch what she eats was her sly way of saying that she hasn’t inserted any silicone, just packed on a couple pounds.

But also, what the hell was the context for this clip? David’s just like “You have to eat these waffled we’ve covered in a stick of butter and maple syrup? We haven’t watched in awhile, but it’d be awesome if every female celebrity on Letterman now had to eat 1,500 calories on-stage or not be invited back to the program.

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    • pookie

      Kate Hudson has gone through phases where she’s been super skinny — like when she was in How To Lose A Guy. But if he’s feeding waffles to all his female guests, he should get someone on who really needs to pack on the pounds, like Amy Winehouse. It would also be funny to watch Robert Pattinson eat waffles. Don’t you think?