More Friends In High School, Better Grades

FriendsA recent study has revealed that the number of in-school friends that high school students have is directly related to the grades they earn.

UCLA professor Andrew J. Fuligni and co-author Melissa R. Witkow say their research has revealed that teens — both boys and girls, across all ethnic groups — with more friends in school with them compared to friends outside of school have higher GPAs. So the more friends you have in school with you, the higher your grades.

“This is partially because in-school friends are more likely to be achievement-oriented and share and support school-related activities, including studying, because they are all in the same environment,” Witkow explained.

How does this theory line up with your own high school experiences? In my high school, the top 10 percent of my graduating class was filled with very social students, who were active in school activities and sports and had a wide circle of friends that included a group in school and probably a group outside the school as well (my hometown had more than one high school, so there was lots of cross-pollination). And I always found that having a friend in my classes with me made me a better student, whether we worked on projects together, shared notes, studied together or even had some friendly competition.

Do you think having more friends in high school makes you a better student?

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