• Mon, Jun 7 2010

Video: DJ Earworm’s ‘Like OMG Baby’ Mashup

DJ Earworm is kind of the best, if you like getting a year’s worth of pop in one awesome mashup song. Srrrsly, “United States Of Pop” was really good, like Girl Talk for people who don’t self-identify as hipsters. Anyway, his latest musical effort, “Like OMG Baby,” heavily features Rihanna, Ke$ha, and -who else?- Justin Bieber. And is too catchy to not immediately download. Don’t fight it. Put away your Yeasayer album and let the pop wash over you.

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  • Beddie

    i LOVE this mash up, my favorite EVER! it took me so long to find it, but omg, everytime it comes on the radio i go INSANE! keep up the good work