Celeb Tweetup: Worlds Come Tumbling Down

With the MTV Movie Awards over, it’s natural that a lot of our favorite teen stars are finding themselves lost, disoriented, and very, very hungover. After all, what do they have to look forward to now? The Tonys? Screw the Tonys (unless you are Lea Michele or Neil Patrick Harris, in which case: wheeeee!). All that’s left to look forward to is the Twilight: Eclipse premiere and that’s like, two weeks away. So how are our Twitter friends holding up?

We didn’t click on this link because we were afraid Jared Leto (@jaredleto) was using starfish as a euphemism.

How did this party not end in some hydrogen bomb explosion that sent Snooki (@sn00ki) and everyone else back to the island?

Nobody hates you, Lady Gaga (@ladygaga)! But you are starting to terrify us.

I’m sure whoever you just went psycho on is totally reading your Twitter account to see if you apologized for your road rage, Eliza Dushku. Ugh.

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