Gallery: Celebs Look Guilty Leaving Gifting Suite

No one said being famous didn’t have its perks. Because why would anyone say that? Celebrities have all the coolest stuff before it even hits the market, giant houses featured on Cribs, and personal menservants/beards that follow them around all the time, pretending that they’re in love. So definitely, fame equals lots of benefits, despite what Kristen Stewart might say about it being like rape.

Anyway, one of the very BEST parts of being a Hollywood icon is the gifting suites — basically room after room of free clothing, the latest techno-gadgets, and Vitamin Water that sponsors will give you just on the off-chance that some flashy jockey photographs you holding one of their items. If I were a celebrity, I’d be kind of embarrassed to be so rich and then have stuff literally just handed to me on a silver platter. But as the B-listers leaving the Montage Hotel in Hollywood yesterday proved, no ego is too big to not accept free shit.

(Photos via WENN)

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