Would You Use Facebook To Find A Date?

Are YOU Interestd?It’s how you keep up with hundreds of friends from childhood on, store and share your photos and invite friends to parties. But would you ever use Facebook to find a boyfriend? And no, we don’t mean stalking the profile of that cute guy who works in IT to make sure that he’s single and likes some of the same things as you.

If you’re a little curious, there are a few Facebook apps that turn the social networking site into a dating website. Like Are YOU Interested, a dating service that integrates a Facebook app, iPhone app and AreYOUInterested.com, and boasts 15 million users. The site’s Facebook app lets you see local users and click “yes” on who you like, send virtual gifts and connect, and its iPhone app uses GPS to allow you to search for connections near your current location.

“Are YOU Interested was first built on Facebook, so it incorporates a lot of social networking and new features that dating sites haven’t seen before, like status messages,” Cliff Lerner, the CEO of the site’s parent company SNAP Interactive told Crushable. “Instead of just reading static profiles of information, people can update their status messages, and people on Facebook are very familiar with that concept.”

The site, Facebook app and iPhone app are all free, but you can upgrade for a fee to get premium access. However, the power of Are YOU Interested — and other Facebook-based dating sites — lies in the amount of people on it. “It’s very, very hard for another company to create the size of our user base on Facebook,” Cliff told us.

“Even with the greatest features set in the world, if there’s only 1,000 users worldwide you’re not meeting anyone nearby and the features are useless to you,” added Cliff’s brother and SNAP’s co-founder Darrell Lerner.

So, the ability to connect with millions of single people, including those right around where you live, then view their profiles or friends them on Facebook sounds pretty enticing, if you wanted to go the online dating route. So here’s the question: would you use a Facebook app like Are YOU Interested to find a date?

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    • maddyr

      Absolutely. I used Facebook to date anyone — doesn’t everyone get a little stalky now and then? Isn’t that what FB is for? Now there’s an app for it — smart to capitalize on this.