Celeb Tweetup: Shameless Star Promotion

There are those random moments in one’s life when suddenly everything seems to snap into place: suddenly, you get it. Whether that thing happens to be how to work that new technology, or why you’re suing that Internet company, or hell, why you’ve been drinking straight monkey poop for the last 8 months…suddenly it’s like you can see through the Matrix. Oh man. Being a celebrity must be awesome.

Oh man, you’re so close to figuring out how Twitter works, Whitney Port (@whitneyEVEport).

Oh man, we hope this isn’t a real thing. No one go see Ashton Kutcher‘s (@aplusk) Killers. For your ears’ sake.

The drugs are wearing off and Lindsay Lohan (@Lindsaylohan) is crashing back to reality. Sort of.

Yes it is, Nicole Richie (@nicolerichie).

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