Off The Market: Bethenny Frankel’s Exercise DVD ‘Body By Bethenny’

Body By BethennyI met Bethenny Frankel when she was several months pregnant. She was so slender and fit, you could hardly even tell she had a baby bump, unless she turned to the side. And before she was preggers — and probably afterwards as well — Bethenny is very slim with big boobs, no doubt thanks to her Skinnygirl recipes and way of life. I know I’m not alone in thinking that I would like to look a little like Bethenny, so when I heard she was putting out an exercise DVD, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

Body By Bethenny, which went on sale on last month, is a typical yoga exercise tape, but with the added bonus of Bethenny’s comments and thoughts along the way. If you’re not a Bethenny fan, you should skip it, since her little asides during downward facing dog can get grating. But since I’ve liked Bethenny since her The Apprentice: Martha Stewart days, I didn’t mind her chatter. In fact, I think it motivated me more. “If Bethenny can do it, I can do it,” I thought throughout the 40-minute yoga routine.

The yoga exercises, as well as the 10-minute strength training and 5-minute “booty bonus” routines, are led by celebrity exercise instructor Kristin McGee, who stars in Pilates for Beginners and also has a recurring role on 30 Rock as Floyd’s fiance/wife. Kristin and Bethenny do all the exercises side by side, with Kristin offering step by step instruction and Bethenny following along, wearing a bright red Skinnygirl tank top and chiming in when she wants. Sometimes Kristin looks like she might be getting annoyed at Bethenny, but they generally look like they are having a good time. For the most part, Bethenny looks like she can keep up with Kristin, and it’s only until about seven and half minutes into the yoga routine that Bethenny goes to rest into her first child’s pose. I don’t blame her — Kristin is a machine!

The DVD also includes bonus features like a recipe booklet and additional workouts from Pilates for Beginners and Exhale: Core Fusion Pure Abs & Arms. Bethenny also leads a cooking segment and shows you how to make her guilt-free artichoke and spinach dip (the recipe is included in the booklet). Although this DVD feels like just another celeb trying to get into the exercise tape market, at least Bethenny has a healthy philosophy that she’s honed during the years of her career.

“My philosophy is accessible, realistic health,” Bethenny explains on the intro to the tape. “The Skinnygirl workout is what I actually do. There are parts of it that are a little ambitious, because some days I feel like I can climb a mountain. There are parts of it that are toned down because sometimes I feel like I couldn’t even get out of bed. The Skinnygirl workout is designed to work for you in whatever mood you’re in, whatever weight you are…A Skinnygirl is who you feel good being, when you’re at your healthiest. It doesn’t mean being a size 2. It could mean being a size 12. It’s the girl that you want to be, the girl that you feel your best at.”

Would you try Bethenny’s Skinnygirl workout?

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