Ashton Kutcher Pirates Own Film

What is wrong with Ashton Kutcher? He tries so hard to be on the cutting edge of the techno-savvy networking culture, and yet he still pulls some of the stupidest Internet 101 mistakes in the book. For instance, Ashton uploaded the first 10 minutes of his new film Killers last night for the premiere, but then had to take it down because you know…legality and stuff.

Which would be a fine viral marketing scheme…if it wasn’t just a flagrant slap in the face of the MPAA, which has been trying to crack down on BitTorrent sites and the people who upload them. Maybe if Ashton had the backing of the studio behind him (which he might have, but he’s taking all the credit), it wouldn’t look like the lunkhead was trying to punk his own film’s release.

(Image via Getty)

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