Quit Facebook Day A Bust

FacebookTwo fed-up Facebook users proclaimed yesterday Quit Facebook Day, but if the number of people who pledged to quit is any indication, their campaign was pretty unsuccessful.

Only 34,513 people have promised to go cold turkey on the social networking site, and delete their accounts. But considering Facebook boasts 500 million active users worldwide with an average of 150,000 new members joining daily, this number will barely make a dent. And who’s to say how many of those who pledged actually quit?

Although the Quit Facebook Day campaign was supposed to be a protest against the site’s privacy settings, it’s lack of popularity sends a different message — that millions of people who are members don’t really care. Or, maybe the privacy concerns of these users, like the fact that Facebook shares personal data with advertisers, and their Quit Facebook campaign, just wasn’t publicized enough.

Despite the privacy concerns, we wouldn’t quit Facebook — how else would we stay in touch with our friends from college? Would you quit? Are you concerned by Facebook’s privacy policies?

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