Britain’s Anti-Rape Underwear Ad Makes You Look, But Does It Stop You From Touching?

Sorry, the bottom text for this British advert reads “…and the next place you enter could be prison.” Yikes…that’s what she said? Not really. Either way, putting up a beheaded, sexualized woman wearing only underwear to promote your rape prevention campaign might get guys to look at the ad, but it also kind of reeks of misogyny, doesn’t it? “Look at this hot chick bro (mate?)! Don’t rape this faceless, anonymous woman!”

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    • samantha

      @ The age of 19 i was raped by Neil Horne from H1 Capital, he paid me R 4,000 not to tell the police.
      I am still suffering with this traumatic experience and do not know what to do, is there anyone out there that can assist me, to bring this person to book. He evades my calls whenever i call
      him, and i want to give his monies back because i want to see him in jail.
      He is employed @ H1 Capital on the foreshore. After all this he became an atheist and told me that he was sorry.

      I have never been in a stable relationship ever since.
      Can someone please confront him?

      His place of work:

      PO Box 6869

      T +27 21 480 5600

      F +27 21 480 5638


      Suite 305

      3rd Floor

      130 Bree Street

      Manhattan Place

      Cape Town