Ian Somerhalder’s Twitter Account Makes Co-Stars Look Like Jerks

The oil spill off the gulf last month is/was a terrible crisis, and it’s always great to see a celebrity like Vampire DiariesIan Somerhalder take an active interest in environmental causes. But man, does it make everyone else from that show look super-shallow in comparison. Check it:

Ian versus Michael Trevino:

Ian versus Nina Dobrev:

Ian versus Steven McQueen:

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    • annushka

      Way to create a false polemic with a catchy title!
      Ian Somerhalder is in his early 30s, seems to have been concearned by environment and animal welfare issues for a while, and he is from Louisiana…
      The rest of the cast are in their early 20s (and not from Louisiana or anywhere near)!
      Should we really expect the same content based on those facts?

    • JQ

      Just to point out, that Steven McQueen account is fake, it’s been confirmed numerous times Steven doesn’t have a Twitter.

    • chloe

      Steven doesn’t have an account, so that is a fake.

    • Cheryl

      Adore Damon, but Ian seems a little creepy. I’m sick of celebs Tweeting themselves into overexposure, especially ones who jet set all over the place, toxifying the environment, in the name of doing “green” work. Duh.

    • raagaavi

      i love damon from vampire diaries i feel like marring him