Crushable Quote Of The Day: Justin Bieber’s Fans Now Into Hitler Analogies

When  Greg Leuch created a website that could help you erase or “shave” all mentions of Justin Bieber from your web browser, we considered using it ourselves. But then we realized we’d miss out on all his adorable bird-flying-into-door tendencies, and even more importantly, all his crazy fans that make up at least 50 percent of our days entertainment. How else would we find our daily dose of celebrity death threats, if not for the Bieberettes? And now Greg is feeling the wrath of some rogue fan who uses the same logic as most pundits on Fox News:

“I realize that you’re just stating an opinion, but what you’re doing is going back to World War II all over again. Hitler wanting to erase Jews from society — you want to erase Justin Bieber…”

Yes. Totally the same thing, 15-year-old-girl on a message board from a country who didn’t even participate in WWII.

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