Bros Icing Bros: From A Female POV

Despite the fact that I just heard of the Smirnoff “icing” concept for the first time two nights ago, I’m already fascinated. For the first time, the term “getting iced” doesn’t mean being cold-shouldered or having someone act like you don’t exist. Instead, it’s a popular (albeit weird) drinking prank that’s sweeping college campuses. The concept is simple: a dude hands you a Smirnoff Ice, and no matter what the circumstances (office hours, weddings, bat-mitzvah, etc.), the “icee” has to get down on one knee and drink the sweet malt beverage. However, if you happen to already have a Smirnoff on your body, you can counteract the “iced” phenomenon and make the “icer” drink both bottles. Oh also, apparently it’s a “bro” thing, as evidenced by the site Bros Icing Bros.

During an Urlesque interview with one of BIB site founders, the man-child admitted to taking a Smirnoff with him everywhere he went:

The ability to Ice block is paramount to Icing your bros. I make sure to carry an Ice everywhere I go for the occasional block. When I go to the gym to work out, I always have an Ice block nearby. When I take a shower, I take an Ice with me; basically, think of the situations where you might be most vulnerable and carry an Ice with you.

So basically, to avoid looking like a pussy in front of your friends, you have to carry a Smirnoff Ice around you at all times? Ummm…

And from a chick perspective: So what? We guess it’s humiliating to have to chug a girlie drink with all your meat head friends laughing and taking pictures, but for those of us who grew up with the carbonated coolers, if someone handed us a Smirnoff Ice, we’d probably smile and take it like a man – sorry – take it like a woman. Meaning: stop being such little bitches and be grateful you’re daily alcohol consumption does not include Cosmos, margaritas, and other sickly-sweet beverages.

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    • Mr. Lizard

      I don’t quite understand the concept. The first bro that”ices’ me is betting the same reply as anyone else.

      “Unless you want to be bludgeoned to death by that bottle, turn around and walk away.”
      Guess I’m just not a real bro.