Gallery: Who’s Still In Character At The ‘Get Him To The Greek’ Premiere?

A movie that lampoons celebrity ego-driven craziness casts a light as much on the actors playing the roles as it does the characters themselves (Tropic Thunder, anyone?). But Get Him To The Greek, based on two of the characters Jason Segel developed in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, seems to hit especially close to home: Russell Brand basically is the wonky Aldous Snow, right down to the former drug habit and tendency towards outlandish outfits. And considering that half the cast plays themselves in the film, the premiere of the movie was basically like watching a shortened version of the plot. Except with Katy Perry there to keep Russell’s eye from wandering too far.

(Photos via Getty)

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    • blueflameagent3

      Yeah she’s so hot! as hot as russell as he goes to the music like what he did in their movie “Get Him to the Greek” which definitely will rock this summer!!!

    • weingard

      Brand and Jonah Hill’s tandem is hilarious! Get Him to the Greek definitely had me in stitches. Catch the trailer here: