Meet The Mysterious 5: The Cast Of ‘Pretty Little Liars’

Ashley BensonAshley Benson

The Cali native portrays Hanna — who has replaced the missing Alison as the school’s new It Girl. Ashley is a longtime child star, having acted alongside Jennifer Garner in the 2004 feel-good rom-com 13 Going On 30. She also has indie cred (she co-starred with William H. Macy in the 2009 low-budge flick Bart Got A Room) and campy-awesome cred (the head cheerleader in Bring It On: In It To Win It, Abigail Deveraux in Days Of Our Lives). She has a wide-eyed Taylor Momsen quality, in a good way. She is a hardcore Lakers fan and she loves her dog Olive, a Maltese.

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