10 Other Actresses Who Could Replace Megan Fox In ‘Transformers 3′

After Megan Fox dropped out of Transformers 3 following a public spat with Michael Bay (who allegedly verbally assaulted her), rumors started circulating about who would replace her character for the CGI explosion-fest. No acting required: all Bay really needs is a hot body to fill the screen and be unrealistically attracted to Shia LaBeouf. The Sun reports that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been offered the role, despite the fact that she’s never been in a movie before (she has however, slept with Jason Statham, so maybe she got action-movie chops by proxy). Here are our suggestions to fill the void with a void with the best body.

-Audrina Patridge

- Scarlett Johansson

- Beyonce

- Eliza Dushku

-Emmanuelle Chriqui

- Jennifer Aniston (check these bikini pics)

- Sasha Grey

- Christina Hendricks (or is she too big, aka normal?)

- Olivia Wilde

- Olivia Munn

Who would you cast in the place of Megan?

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