Robert Pattinson’s Font Made By Super-Fan, Obviously Called RPattz

We though wing-dings was the stupidest font in history, but we were wrong. Somebody made copies of Robert Pattinson‘s handwriting from different autographs and compiled them into its own font, the RPattz. The Frisky already took our idea of what Robert could write in his new “RPattz”-styled documents (basically, a love letter to Daniel Radcliffe), but we came up with some concepts of our own.

  • Ghostwrite script for next “Robert Is Bothered” sketch
  • Send ransom letters to Hugh Grant, demanding money for his career back.
  • Finally get around to writing break-up letter to shower

• an anonymous note tied to a brick, thrown through Taylor Lautner’s window telling him to step the eff down.

• write love letters to Kristen Stewart. Oh wait, they’re not dating. Oh wait, yes they are. Oops, stopped caring.

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