Model Advice For Christine Staub: ‘Listen To Your Mother’

Sessliee LopezReal Housewives of New Jersey‘s Danielle Staub‘s daughter Christine is our new favorite runway model, so when faced with a real life supermodel, the gorgeous Sessilee Lopez, we wanted to know if she had any advice for teenage girls starting in the industry.

Twenty-one-year-old Sessilee told Crushable she started modeling at age 14, making her a veteran by now. “I used to tell people I was younger so that they wouldn’t think I was freakishly young,” she told us.

So what was Sessilee’s most important advice for young models? “Listen to your mother.” Uh oh. What if your mother is, like Danielle, seemingly crazy, living vicariously through her daughter and only out for herself?

“Mom’s always have that unconditional love, they only want what’s best,” Sessilee said. “I’ve been fortunate to be blessed with an amazing mother who is also my manager. I take everything that she says to heart because you would want to hear from your mother before you read it [in the press].”

Do you think this advice will still stand up to Christine’s situation? What advice would you give her?

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    • Karen

      My advice to Christine would be if she wants to be a model, that’s fine, but school should be a must first since you love to read and take science classes. Modeling would help pay college expenses. You’re a beautiful girl, have a lot of common sense, and I trust you will do fine in anything you pursue.

    • Sarah

      When danielle kept saying, and ill be right there with her, it sent a chill right through me. How could she not realize that mothers are not supposed to go EVERYWHERE with their grown kids during their career? Its not bring your mom to work day everyday! And when christine said that she wished her mom wasnt around constantly, i felt so bad for her, as i watched danielle stick to her like glue. And then angry when she made it absolutely clear that she was going to be likd a case of herpes to christine because rhe wanted to have that amazing experience. At the cost to her daughter, of course. I just hope christine finds the courage to set up boundaries to keep her mom from literally living her life for her.