The Best Of … Hypercolor Shirts

If you remember the early ’90s, then you sure as hell remember those ubiquitous Hypercolor T-shirts that all the cool 7th graders — and their dorky dads — wore in hallways and mowing suburban lawns. Ah, memories!

Hypercolor was not just a shirt — it was a brand and a lifestyle. Introduced in 1988 by Generra, the shirts changed color with heat, thanks to a special temperature-sensitive pigment from Japan. If you pressed your hand against the fabric — and let it linger there long enough — it created a print in a different shade! Purple turned into pink; basic blue transformed into turquoise; pink turned into white.

In the early ’90s, kids would wear their Hypercolors with Umbros and Adidas sandals, maybe even a Scrunchie. Everyone played soccer in middle school and, even if you didn’t, you pretended like you did. It was a neon-hot trend in the Midwest, and even worn by the teens in Beverly Hills, 90210 (nice plug, Brandon Walsh!). With the touchy-feely PC movement and very-important-and-deep Real World episodes gaining momentum, the tie-dye-esque, color-changing shirts reflected the times in a wholesome way. Sorta. Then Generra closed down shop, and so did Hypercolor.

Designers tried and failed to bring Hypercolor fashion circa 2008.

We think it needs to come back! Thoughts?

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    • kayla

      i love hypercolor!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was just going through my old clothes n came across my lost love its great to be united once again lol!!!!!!!!!

    • T-Smith

      I have one that was never really worn and it still works!

    • Kristin

      If either of you are willing to part with your Hypercolor I’d love to buy it from you!

      Email me please!

      Thanks in advance! Long live Hypercolor!

    • Karl Clayton

      It is back under Global Technacolour sold in most countries.