Textual Healing: Spelling, Grammar And Other Text Message Pet Peeves

TextingText messaging might be the easiest and most convenient way to send a note to your friends, but when it comes to communicating with a guy, it can be anything but simple. Whether his messages are short and sweet or lengthy and in-depth, you’re usually left wondering: what is he really trying to say? And even worse, how do I respond? Here at Crushable we want to help you sift through all the subtext and emerge, textually healed.

We all have our little quirks, especially in the way we write, even when it comes down to emails or text messages or IMs. For example, I like to use the more informal “haha” as opposed to the lackluster “lol,” unless I’m really laughing out loud, in which case I will use “LOL.”

But even though we all have our own silly typing habits, there are certain things that people do that drive us crazy. For some it’s spelling. Others can’t stand when people type “u” instead of “you” (I’m guilty of that offense sometimes when I’m feeling lazy or trying to save space). It drives me nuts when people misspell the same word over and over or use the wrong word repeatedly — I just want to correct them. No matter how much I may like a guy, if he can’t spell (and he’s still insisting on communicating with me via text messages) it’s just not going to work.

But you see, no matter how much I want to correct someone’s spelling or poor grammar or bad text etiquette, I would never actually do it, unless I wanted to alienate someone or get them angry on purpose. Because when I get called out for my quirks, it makes me really mad.

I have a friend who frequently tells me how much he dislikes when I give him one word answers in texts or IMs. You know what I say to that? Sometimes a message only requires one word in response. It does not mean that I am trying to be terse or end the conversation. I just believe that you shouldn’t use two words when one will do. If you don’t want a one word answer, don’t text or IM me. Try picking up the phone and calling. Instead, when I do text him one word — obviously forgetting these restrictions he’s placed on our communications — I get responses from him that are something like “you are a horrible person.” Do I need this in my life? No.

And, neither do you. Do you have any text messaging quirks that drive you nuts? Have you ever called someone out, or been called out? Send your text message horror stories to submissions AT crushable dot com and you might see them featured in an upcoming installment of Textual Healing.

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