Open Letter To Producers: Hire Chris Klein!

Chris KleinRemember Chris Klein? We did, sort of, until this audition tape of his singing “Lay All Your Love On Me” from Mamma Mia surfaced yesterday. Real or fake — here at Crushable HQ we think it’s real — the video has shot Chris out of semi-obscurity and into the national view once again, in only the way a viral video can do. (Chris’s management had no comment on the authenticity of the tape and he’s currently not being repped by a publicist.)

For an actor who is best known for his work on American Pie (in 1999), Chris can only go up from here. And, as we can tell from the recent video, he has grown up from that hulking football player high school student role into a handsome, muscular man — capable of tackling roles from romantic lead to action star. Heck, he could even play a vampire — those things are big now. And Chris’s singing ability — and his energy and verve for singing — might even make him ideal for a Broadway production. Or — let’s start small — Off-Broadway. Now, he just has to be hired to fill these roles. That’s where the producers and casting agents of the world come in.

So what do you say producers of film, television and Broadway? Will you take a shot on Chris Klein? We can start slow, with a supporting role in a romantic comedy, and work our way towards Oscar-winning (or Tony-winning!) greatness. We think you can see our vision. This guy is bound for big things, and this viral video with thousands of people watching it in the last 24 hours is proof that the public is crying out for more Chris Klein!

And, if you have somehow missed Chris’s hysterical audition tape, here you go:

Sorry! This video is no longer available.

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

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