Amanda and Erin Recap ‘Gossip Girl’: Season Finale

Gossip GirlWe can’t believe the second half of Gossip Girl‘s latest season has already come and gone. But last night’s episode packed all the drama, tears and getting-punched-in-the-face action that the last few confusing eps have lacked. There was even a birth! Amanda and Erin have been here through it all, and now they’ll share their thoughts about how far we’ve come since March.

Amanda: I was hoping for some resolution in the this season finale, but all I’m left with are more questions. We’ll get to that in a bit, but first I want to say, thank God that Jenny is finally leaving! She’s right, there is nothing left for her here. Have fun in Hudson raccoon eyes!

Erin: Jenny is atrocious. Chuck is nasty for taking her V-card and then HIDING her in his apartment. Was that an ENGAGEMENT RING she stole? Was Chuck going to propose to Blair?

Amanda: I don’t think she stole it, she just saw it, which is why she hightailed it out of there. That ring is what got Chuck SHOT at the end. But I can’t imagine they will kill him off. Maybe his incident will Blair to forgive him. Because the two of them have to get back together, right? Speaking of getting back together, Dan was all set to follow Serena to Paris (because clearly he’s still not over that whole mess) and then Georgina shows up with the shock of the series. Do you think she’s really pregnant? That belly looked a little fake to me.

Blair needs to be done with Chuck. He boinked Jenny — so callous and reckless, and I love me some Chuck Bass, but this is clearly the last straw for Blair. Hopefully she’ll avoid her chosen destiny and desert the Bass for good. As for Dan and Serena? I don’t buy that he loves her for a second — no chemistry! Still, he seemed unfazed about it all, like he didn’t care if word got to Vanessa in Haiti. BAD BOYFRIEND. And Georgina is so not pregnant — predicting how plots go on Gossip Girl, her belly will be revealed to be a pillow in next season’s premiere.

Amanda: So let’s recap. Jenny is gone for good. Dan is dealing with Georgina, who will likely be revealed as a fraud. Vanessa’s in Haiti being good. Nate is being bad. And Serena and Blair have taken off for Paris for the summer. What trouble do you think our girls will get into in the City of Lights? Guess we’ll have to wait until the fall. XOXO.

(Photo by Giovanni Rufino / The CW)

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