EXCLUSIVE: ‘Modern Family’ Creator Says Gay Kiss Controversy Is Much Ado About Nothing

Steven Levitan, creator of ABC’s Modern Family, tells Crushable he doesn’t “quite get” the Facebook campaign fans demanding the show’s gay couple kiss.

“We don’t quite get that controversy,” he said at Monday’s Peabody Awards for excellence in television at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. “We think the vast majority of the gay community finds the Cameron and Mitchell depiction to be very positive. Here we are the first show on television to show a committed gay couple adopting a baby, raising a baby. It seems to me that there are better targets out there than us. That said, everything we’re doing is based on character and that very issue will be addressed next season. But it was our plan all along to do so.”

Jesse Tyler Ferguson portrays Mitchell, and Eric Stonestreet is his other half, the more flamboyant Cameron. Fans of the hit series are outraged over the fact that the duo have not locked lips on camera; so much so, that they created a popular Facebook campaign about it.

Apparently, that’s not homophobia on ABC’s part — it has to deal with Mitchell’s issues about Public Displays Of Affection. And that’s a universal human hangup.

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