Sarah Jessica Parker: ‘Sex And The City 2′ Cast Grew Closer While Filming In The Middle East

Sarah Jessica Parker says she bonded with her Sex and The City co-stars on a deeper level while shooting the sequel in Morocco.

“We had this chance to live together and to know one another in a way that we never had the opportunity to do so in New York,” Sarah Jessica told reporters at an SATC 2 press conference on Sunday. “In New York, we’d go home to our friends and our family and our children and our animals. For me (filming abroad) just changed everything. I just came away loving them more than I ever have because I got to see them in a new way — and I was so reliant upon them!”

SJP added: “I was so challenged by the work that they were doing, how good they were and what thoroughbreds they were — and how nothing could get us down, no matter how hungry we were or much we had to go to the bathroom or ‘hour 18 of day 58.’”

The actress — wearing glittery stilettos, a la Carrie Bradshaw –  joined fellow well-heeled castmates Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Chris Noth to talk all things Sex And the City in an uber-appropriate venue: Bergdorf’s shoe department, where $1,000 Louboutin platforms co-exist alongside equally pricey Chanel flats.

The blockbuster sequel is an over-the-top, flashy romp staged mainly in Abu Dhabi, where man-hungry, menopausal Samantha Jones scores a luxurious PR trip for herself and the ladies; Crushable has seen an advance preview of the movie, slated for release May 27th by Warner Brothers, and can report back that it is indeed serious Porn For Women. There are zingers involving cameltoe, hummus and Jude Law, and there are dazzling shots of the most beautiful clothes and insane shoes. But there is also a streak of melancholy throughout: Carrie struggles with the reality of married life to Mr. Big, and is thrown off guard when she randomly sees Aidan (John Corbett) in an exotic bazaar.  Charlotte deals with the stress of raising two kids, and begins to view her well-endowed Irish nanny as a threat.

The Middle Eastern vacay helps put things in perspective for the characters; in real life, the actresses were treated like queens by the HBO franchise’s Moroccan superfans.

“We really did feel like the Royal Family,” said Kim. “I couldn’t believe that people actually watch the show. And knew the characters. And didn’t know our names in particular but kept calling us by our characters’ names. And we would actually turn and say hello!”

Kristin — sporting a strapless leopard-print dress with a full skirt — said the cast celebrated Thanksgiving together twice, since they had to film during the holiday. “Morocco doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving,” she added. Sarah Jessica took the opportunity to crack a joke at the film studio’s expense, quipping: “And apparently, neither does Warner Brothers!”

Kristin continued: “Because the boys could come — Cynthia and Sarah’s sons came to visit for the weekend — we decided we would have another Thanksgiving at our hotel. And they did a fantastic job and we had snake charmers come for the boys.” That set up yet another joke for SATC creator and fellow panelist Michael Patrick King, who cracked: “Traditional snake charmers!”

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