Video: Golden Girls, Corrected

Noah Garfinkel of Best Week Ever did a little bit of research recently into everyone’s new favorite piece of Nostalgia: The Golden Girls. (Sidenote: Doesn’t it seem like suddenly everyone remember how much they loved that show? That’s b.s. A lot of people are liars and are now desperately trying to Netflix every season of the show so they can stay ironically cool and relevant.) Whatever: point being that the Golden Girls theme, you know ‘Thank you for being a frieeeend’ was actually a cover of an Andrew Gold pop hit from 1978, that even has a verse about being old! Which would have been so perfect for a show about these old ladies! So Noah “fixed” it by creating his own cover of Gold’s song, over the Golden Girl opening. Enjoy.

Golden Girls Opening Credits (corrected) from Noah G on Vimeo.

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