This Is What Danielle Staub Did: ‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’s’ Biggest Scandals

Danielle StaubThere is a cloud hanging over Real Housewives of New Jersey, namely, what did Danielle Staub do to Dina Manzo to make Caroline hate her so much? Although Dina says she has forgiven Danielle, her sister wants her to stay far away; her brother, Chris Laurita, wants his wife Jacqueline to stay far away; and Teresa Giudice thinks Danielle is a “prostitution whore.” So what could Danielle possibly have done?

Last year, Danielle told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens that the hubbub that arose at last year’s reunion show (where Caroline Manzo screamed, “You know what you did!”) was over the fact that she “gave a friend of 16 years’ brother” a phone number. Danielle’s friend Angela is Dina’s ex-sister-in-law, meaning Danielle gave Dina’s ex-husband a phone number to talk to someone about contracts for the show. Since Dina’s daughter Lexi was featured on Real Housewives last season and not this season, it’s possible he wanted to talk to producers on the show about allowing his underage daughter to be included in the production. Messing with Dina’s daughter, that would probably piss off Caroline. Looking back, Danielle admits it “wasn’t her place.”

Danielle certainly has her share of scandals. Like her involvement with the book Cop Without a Badge, which was such a source of controversy last season. The book, which was written by one of Danielle’s ex-husbands Kevin Maher, claims Danielle, formerly Beverly Ann Merrill, was a paid escort and a stripper and used cocaine. After Danielle denied those claims to People magazine, Kevin filed suit against her, claiming defamation. Meanwhile, the Smoking Gun has found court documents linking Danielle to a cocaine bust and kidnapping plot. According to court records, Danielle “was charged with eight felonies, including extortion, cocaine possession, and narcotics conspiracy,” but pleaded guilty and opted to give prosecutors information about her cohorts, who had ties to a Colombian drug family. (And note that this took place in 1986.)

Still, Danielle wants you to not “misconceive her.” We can’t wait for her book, The Naked Truth, when it comes out later this month.

Danielle is also at the center of one of the biggest scandals on the second season of Real Housewives of New Jersey as well: a fight among cast members that landed at least one under arrest. Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley Holmes was found guilty of assault against Danielle in January, stemming from a fight at a country club in November that was reportedly caught by Bravo cameras in which Ashley pulled out a chunk of Danielle’s extensions. What will get to see on the show later this season?

And Teresa may want to think twice before judging Danielle on her run-ins with the law. Her husband, Joe Giudice, was arrested earlier this year for driving while intoxicated after he crashed his car into a pole.

Seems like there’s no end to the scandals in this group of women. Do you have any juicy gossip about the Franklin Lakes ladies? Send your tips to tips AT crushable dot com.

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    • maddyr

      She scares the @&*@ out of me!!!!

      • robin

        she really looks like a man sorry to say.

      • oshkoshmejosh

        I think that she probably fried her brain from to many drugs. She must be one those type of people that get extremely paranoid about their surroundings when they get high. As a drug addict in recovery I have first hand experience with these type of people. Come on Danielle, you use to only smoke pot! Who are you trying to kid? On her behalf I can also say that she may not know any better if this is the case, her brain being fried.

    • Lori

      Without her, there is no show

    • jersey

      My take on the whole HW of NJ is that Danielle planned this whole book thing to come out hoping to add drama to the show and cut off any gossip that would come from the book. Having some issue wiith Dina,she counted on her and maybe caroline to take the bait , get curious and start gossiping about the contents. it worked and why not. They don;t like her, so wouldn’t it be normal to get excited about such a thing? Now baiting them she can use it to her advantage saying that dina started all the gossip. good move on dinas part leaving the show. Too much reality can destroy a life and sometimes family is more important than 1 hour of reality tv. I’m from jersey, class act Dina,,,BRAVO and many blessing to you and yours.

    • Canadian Girl in Québec City

      Remember on the reunion show….she said that she loved to smoke pot……..that could be the reason for all of her paranoia, that everyne is against her and she feels the need to bring bodyguards……this girl is truly insane……there should be a stipulation in their contracts saying hat if for some reason or another, that if anyone feels threatened by any other cast member you should remove the paranoid, crazy bitch at home……she says one thing “ex. love and light“ and then ends up pulling crap like the 2 parollees as bodyguards……Hello, earth toMs. Staub……..last time I checked, bringing `body guards` for an event for a cancer stricken baby, it became all about you……that is disgusting……quit smoking so much pot and come back down to earth, and realize that nothing is about you… have no need to paranoy over imaginary situations……the rest of you ladies, are number 1 with it comes to class and grace….too bad Dina left, and so did Lexi…….they are going to be very calm and relaxed now that Danielle is not focused on you all of te time. Dina should come back and they should kcck off Danielle,,,,,,,,,,,,,its crazy and lives are being in danger, then its time to stop………

    • HB


    • linda harrington

      what is dina’s husband name how come he isnt in the show is dina husband and caroline husband are they brothers what are the other names of the siblings caroline uina chris and who and how come they are not in the show

      • PC

        Dina’s husband’s name is Tommy. Tommy and Albert, Caroline’s husband, are brothers.
        To answer your question, Caroline, Dina, and Chris are apart of the main cast of the show. Their siblings have made appearances but are not cast members so that could be the reason they aren’t regulars on the show.

    • Anonymous

      I thought the reason why Caroline was so angry with Danielle was because Caroline thought Danielle had thought about plotting to harm Dina. I remember when Caroline quoted Danielle saying “She said she would come knocking and she wouldn’t come alone.”
      I highly doubt Caroline would scream and cry over Lexi not being on the show anymore. Plus Dina is a very private person who chose to keep her husband off the show as well.

      • jerseyrunner

        Staub was whipping up trouble with Dina’s ex by hanging out at the family salon and spreading the rumor that she had forged Lexi’s Dad’s signature on the show release. He was cool about letting his daughter on the show until he saw it air & saw the brand of crazy being dished out. Staub was giving out show contact numbers and trying to stir the pot between Dina & her ex. Also there were weird phone calls and minor vandalism to Manzo’s prperty.

    • debbie portlock

      the saddest thing about this show is how delusional teresa is about gias modeling career. i am not trying to hurt a childs feelings but a MODEL? maybe she should become a dialect coach for actresses needing a jersey accent for an up coming part. the kid would knock em dead. actually teresa would be perfect for dialect coach although she would be limited to one accent.

    • Meg

      Yes Danielle is a psycho… pot or no pot.. but the other “family” is so utterly dysfunctional it is pathetic. Caroline is a total control freak….. Theresa is a miserable time bomb.. and won’t it be fun when her horrific 4 brat daughters grow up and become like there crazy delusional mother…. Jaqueline is a freak who does nothing but nag and provoke her daughter… she tries to be classy and it is just not working,,, it is very obvious she is ghetto like the family she married into….. just like ding-a-ling from RH of NY…. “Money can’t buy you class” all of these women are classless and embarrassing….

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