VIDEO: What The Hell Happened On ‘Gossip Girl’? Amanda And Erin Recap

Lily and Billy BaldwinLast night’s Gossip Girl had all the makings of a typical GG episode: scheming, intrigue, lies, a big party for everyone to attend and an eventual resolution. Oh, and Blair and Chuck might make up, Serena and Dan are partners in crime once again, Lily and Rufus are back on good terms and Nate and Little J — well who knows what’s going on with them. Ultimately, we were completely and utterly confused, so we asked Amanda to quickly explain. Watch the video, then Amanda and Erin add their two cents.

Sorry! This video is no longer available.

Amanda: So after last week, we knew the shit would hit the fan this week with Serena, Rufus, Lily and Dr. Van Der Woodsen. I was not surprised that Serena was devoutly siding with her father — after all he’s put her through she still blindly trusts and adores him — but I was a little surprised that she was so quick to backstab Rufus. And this plot line with the psychiatrist who was prescribing drugs to Lily, I just don’t buy it. What is her motivation to help the good doctor? There’s no way she could want Rufus badly enough to risk her career. Right?

Erin: Lily is an enigma to me, and I’m tired of her man drama! It’s boring! Like Serena, I wanted Billy Baldwin to prove he is not a deadbeat dad — but nobody can be a saint like Rufus, so of course he was put in a bad light. The oily Baldwin vibe works well for the character, however — like Alec, he’s got a lightness and darkness within that makes him more interesting than good ol’ Rufus. Put that story to rest, GG! Also: Did you miss Vanessa last night? I didn’t!

Amanda: No, I definitely didn’t miss Vanessa! Although she seems to be the only one who could have talked some sense into Jenny. What is she really trying to accomplish by splitting up Lily and Rufus? Does she really think things can to back to normal with her, Rufus and Dan in a loft in Brooklyn? And would she actually, really want that life back?

Erin: I think she does! That’s why she’s sabotaging Lily and Rufus — so she can go back to the way things were. Except she can’t! Which is why Little J will continue her downward spiral, until she leaves the city — and the show — on indefinite hiatus.

Amanda: Okay, so we know Jenny is on her way out, so will we see that on next week’s show? Guess we’ll have to wait until then to find out.

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      I thought it was weird that they were all bundled up in winter clothing and there is snow on the ground when it’s supposed to be taking place right now, in the middle of spring.