90210′s Michael Steger Joins Cast Of ‘True Blood’ As Gay Prostitute

If you didn’t think there was enough sexual tension between Eric and Bill Compton on last season’s True Blood, June 1st’s premiere is gearing up to be a doozy. Not only will Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) be getting a love interest, (Kevin Alejandro), but there will actually be a gay vampire couple: the king of Mississippi – because wow vampires have a weird caste system – Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare) and his lover Talbot (Theo Alexander). And if that wasn’t enough, 90210‘s Michael Steger will be playing a gay prostitute picked up by the king. And since it’s HBO, we won’t have to worry about the Modern Family gay-kiss dilemma: the vampires really have come out of the coffin.

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