Teresa Giudice Takes Jabs At Danielle Staub In Cookbook

Skinny ItalianSo it’s no secret that Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice is not a fan of fellow housewife Danielle Staub. She flipped a table over the “prostitution whore” last season, for goodness sakes.

However, we still were a little shocked to find Teresa — and her husband Joe — taking obvious jabs at Danielle in Teresa’s new cookbook, Skinny Italian. For example, take Joe’s helpful advice about being respectful to your hosts when you’re a guest, which draws on personal experience with Danielle:

“Teresa and I had only known Danielle for a couple of weeks when she asked if she could bring her kids to our Shore house for the weekend. Of course, we said yes. Teresa and me and our kids were there, and Danielle’s new boyfriend, Steve, came as well…Early Saturday morning, while mine and Danielle’s kids were watching cartoons, Steve was in the recliner chair watching with ‘em (big kid). Danielle comes in, lies on top of Steve, and starts to go at it right in front of the kids!

I was furious. I grabbed Steve, took him outside and told him if he ever did something like that again in front of my kids, I’d rip out his tongue and throw it in the lagoon. He apologized and said it was all Danielle, but in any case, respect your hosts.”

Teresa also lovingly (we kid) named her puttanesca sauce after Danielle. All of the other sauces are named after Teresa’s daughters except puttanesca, which famously gets its name from its origins as the sauce favored by prostitutes in Italy. In her book, Teresa explains she’s wasn’t able to name this sauce after one of her “darling daughters,” because of it’s connection to “puttanas” or prostitutes. However, the name fits Danielle, she inferred. “I’m a pretty laid-back person,” Teresa writes under the next recipe for Arrabbiata or “angry” sauce. “But certain things piss me off. Pathological puttanas, for one.” Could she be referring to a one specific puttana?

Maybe Danielle will get her chance to get back at Teresa in her own book, The Naked Truth, out May 25?

Speaking of Teresa’s cookbook, we’ll be testing out recipes from Skinny Italian tonight as we live blog tonight’s episode of Real Housewives. We hope you’ll join Crushable editors Amanda and Erin and special guest blogger Lilit Marcus, editor-in-chief of TheGloss.com.

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