Live Blog: Tonight’s ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’

Welcome to Crushable’s second live blog of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Tonight, Crushable editors Amanda Ernst and Erin Carlson will be joined by guest blogger Lilit Marcus, editor-in-chief of

Watch Real Housewives on Bravo starting at 10 p.m. ET, and follow along as we react in real time to the crazy antics of housewives Caroline Manzo, Dina Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita, Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub. While we live blog, we’ll also be trying out recipes from Teresa’s new cookbook Skinny Italian.

You can join in the fun by leaving a comment below.

Need a refresher? Check out our live blog from last week.

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    • Kelly

      Love this show

    • Meg

      RH of New Jersey is right up there with RH of Atlanta….. these classless broads are a disgrace to the show. Theresa is totally ghetto.. and her kids are brats and should have the shit beat out them… why she would produce more of these brats is beyond me… Caroline need to learn that she can’t control the whole world… she has about as much class as her ghetto son… mr Car wash-strip club loser…. I will never watch these losers again…

    • Meg

      Why Danielle does not punch the hell out of Theresa and Jaqueline is beyond me…… these to loud mouth lunatics are disgusting….

    • Meg

      Yes Theresa… Danielle’s girls are not spoiled brats like yours….. your trashy brats wear leopard…… like Danielle’s dog……. Jaqueline… your daughter has no spark in her eyes either…… your are a nag and a bitch to her…..

    • Meg

      Oh and Theresa.. I love how your husband continually put down your brat Gia…. she deserves this and i get a kick out of it… I love when she cries cuz he puts her down and teases her…… great… the only thing that gives me pleasure in watching your loser family……

    • Mrhahn

      just thought of posting by