• Mon, May 10 2010

Courtney Love Gives Estranged Daughter Frances Bean Unsolicited Advice Via Twitter

Frances BeanLooks like communications between Courtney Love and her daughter Frances Bean Cobain are strained, since Courtney went crazy on Twitter this morning “talking” to Bean. In the midst of her rant, Courtney said she didn’t want to be labeled one of the worst mothers in the world — but we doubt attempting communication via Twitter will put her up there among the best moms. Guess Mother’s Day brings out the crazy in everyone.

Courtney’s tweets seem to be motivated by pictures of her daughter at Coachella with a guy:

Courtney tweet

“bean i saw you at coachella with isaihia in a pic he looks sweet and like your dad actually. hope alls well,” she tweeted.

Then she lapsed into advice for Bean:

Courtney tweets

Courtney tweets

No matter how good her advice to her daughter may be, it looks like Courtney Love’s twitter rant did result in what she feared, ending up “in some bs news feed.” (Sorry, Court.)

Courtney tweet

What do you think of Courtney’s advice? Is it too little too late for her to reach out to her emancipated 17-year-old daughter Frances Bean?

(Photo by WENN.com)

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