Betty White On ‘SNL’: Yea or Nay?

Betty WhiteWe’ve been having an internal office debate this week over Betty White. Sure, we loved her on Golden Girls, and that Facebook campaign to get her on Saturday Night Live was pretty ingenious, but now that she’s going to be on the late night sketch comedy show tonight, we’re wondering — do we really care? Amanda says yes, Betty is a national treasure and a brilliant comedienne who will knock tonight’s SNL appearance out of the park. But Erin is not so sure. Who do you agree with?

Amanda: While I don’t believe that every comedian should automatically get a shot at hosting Saturday Night Live, I was actually pretty excited to hear that Betty White would finally get a shot at hosting this weekend. Too often, the SNL talent bookers just pick the most popular, of the moment actor or actress, who has no discernible comedic talent and can barely read cue cards without breaking character (hello January Jones) or someone who just has something to promote who will draw viewers (like Paris Hilton). And particularly this season, even those actors who I was most looking forward to (Jude Law, Ryan Phillippe, Jennifer Lopez) let me down. There were some highs — Jon Hamm comes to mind — but this season’s SNL, for the most part, has not done well to counter all those naysayers who claim the longstanding show is no longer funny and should be yanked from the air. We need some new, hilarious blood, and Betty White, with the little old lady act she’s perfected over the years, could be just the ticket. Not to mention the fact that this weekend is Mother’s Day and Betty is celebrating the women of SNL, bringing back favorites like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Molly Shannon. For all those reasons, I’m excited to watch Saturday Night Live tonight. Now, I just hope Betty and the rest hold up their end of the bargain!

Erin: Amanda, I totally agree with you on ALL COUNTS. I love Betty White! She is amazing and funny and, yes, totally a national treasure and I love her. I KNOW she’ll kill tonight on SNL — that’s a given. What bugs me, however, is the incessant media coverage on Betty. I feel like people are WAY too excited about Betty’s SNL gig and are hyping it up like crazy, which turns me off. For some reason, I can’t succumb to the pressure to be as stoked as everyone else is about Betty White! I’m just not that into her — this wonderful woman — and now I feel like a social pariah because I could care less. Is something wrong with me and should I be punished for my cold, black heart? Is it wrong that I don’t care about Betty White?? Am I going to hell?!?!

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