From Hipster To Hippie: Six Easy Steps

You know, when I was deciding colleges to go to, I picked Oberlin because I heard there was going to be a ton of hippies. I wasn’t particularly the hippie type myself, but I figured it would be better than going to a college where I would be encouraged to pledge and keep proper grooming maintenance in order to fit in. But something happened in between the time when I looked at the potential school and when I arrived for my first day of classes: All the long-haired, patchouli-smelling nu-hippies had been replaced by fashion-obsessed hipsters. Despite the similarity in the names, you still may be confused about the subtle differences between these two subcultures. But luckily the BoldyItalic people has created this helpful cartoon to turn your mopey, ironic-t-shirt-wearing boyfriend back into a happy hippie once again.

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