Dr. Drew: Bristol Palin Is A ‘Fantastic’ Role Model

Since he’s run out of drugged-up celebrities to exploit, Dr. Drew has turned his brand of faux-caring on another subject – underage pregnancies for MTV’s new Teen Mom series. Unfortunately, he’s a little late: The Jamie-Lynn Spears surge of Hollywood unplanned babies seems to have died down, for now. But with the rise in popularity of shows like 16 And Pregnant and I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant, Dr. Drew must have figured he could capitalize on this unfortunate phenomenon another way…by aligning himself with the last famous knocked up kid: Bristol Palin.
Drew gushed to Radar:

“Bristol was fantastic. She is clearly a mother. Her parents (Sarah and Todd Palin), have handled it just right…Take the Palins’ politics out of it — they have done a remarkable job with Bristol.”

Except lets not take the politics out of it, shall we? Dr. Drew goes on to say that Bristol has done a great job educating her peers about teen pregnancy, which is a compliment you can’t really give without addressing the fact that her mom did the exact opposite with her abstinence-only education policies.

(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz at Getty)

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