The Problem Solver: When To Break Up With A Friend

Women fightingWelcome to The Problem Solver, Crushable’s crowd-sourced advice column. You submit questions to us via formspring, we’ll give you our two cents here and then you can add advice of your own in the comments below.

This week, our formspring submitted question deals with breaking up with a friend:

“Recently, I had a falling out with my best friend. I think we’re at two different points in our lives and she’s been getting angry at me for no reason. How do I know if the friendship is over? Or should I try to stick it out?”

Here’s our take:

While it’s never easy to breakup with anyone — be it a friend, boyfriend, guy you’re dating, whatever — the key to your question is believing that you’re at “two different points” in your lives. It happens. And, it’s usually the main reason people give for breaking up with a boyfriend or significant other. So it’s not that bad of a reason to reevaluate your friendship. However, before you do anything hasty — like cut off all communication — take time to talk to your friend about the issues you two have been having. A girl is much more likely to be open to talking about problems than a guy your dating would be, so don’t be too nervous about giving it a try. And if this is your best friend, you owe it to her, and all those years you devoted to your friendship, to work through it before just walking away.

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So what do you think about our friendship breakup advice? Do you agree with our advice?

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