Poll: How Important Is Your Facebook Profile Picture?

Girls and computerAlthough I’ve always believed in putting my best foot forward, which in terms of Facebook means putting up the most flattering photo as your profile picture, I recently learned that not everyone agrees. And, if my recent reaction to one guy’s horrible Facebook photo is any indication, picking a good-looking snapshot is pretty important in the grand scheme of things.

I recently briefly met a guy and promised to make him my friend on Facebook. But when I looked him up, I could hardly believe my eyes. In his profile photo he was markedly heavier than in real life. I did a double-take. Was this really the guy I had met? I assumed that his photo — and most likely his profile — hadn’t been updated in months, maybe years. But if you had spent all this time and energy losing all that weight, why not show it off? And if you don’t use Facebook, may I suggest deactivating your account rather than keeping it outdated?

In this age of social media, we are constantly told to watch what we say and do on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Our names are out there and our profiles can be searched by anyone — passing strangers you meet at a party, future employers or future boyfriends. Don’t you want all those people to see the best you when they visit your Facebook page?

For me, an updated, and good-looking, profile picture was more important to me than I realized — I nearly didn’t friend him and put it off for several days. What’s the point when it’s clear he never uses the thing? But, maybe I’m in the minority. How important do you think a good Facebook profile photo is?

Have you ever had an experience with someone’s surprising profile picture? Has this ever happened to you?

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