Kate Hudson, Beyonce, Ashley Olsen Fete Hair Stylist In NYC

Kate Hudson

  • Kate Hudson, Beyonce and Jay Z, Kate Bosworth (sans Alexander Skarsgard), Rachel Zoe, Sienna Miller and Ashley Olsen were among the stars partying in New York last night in honor of hair stylist Harry Josh. Only a hair stylist could inspire such an eclectic mix of celebs. (Just Jared)
  • Yay! Alec Baldwin will be hosting Saturday Night Live‘s season finale May 15. (Gawker)
  • Glee‘s pregnant cheerleader Dianna Agron has been cast as the female romantic lead in the movie I Am Number Four opposite Beastly star Alex Pettyfer. Even though she won’t be playing preggers, this love match won’t be easy — Alex plays an alien who’s hiding out on Earth, on the run from his planet’s enemies. (Hollywood Reporter)
  • Dreamgirls director Bill Condon has been announced as director for the final installment(s) of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn — to mixed reviews from fans. Now, he’s introduced himself to fans on his Facebook page, but will his butt-kissing and love of Dark Shadows win them over? (Deadline Hollywood)
  • Meanwhile, last minute reshoots of scenes from Eclipse are making some people nervous. Deep breaths, girls, you’ll get your Jacob soon enough — the studio promises that Taylor Lautner‘s abs will be on screens across America June 30. (Radar Online)
  • Rumor mill be damned, Madonna and boytoy Jesus Luz cuddled up at a Tribeca Film Festival event this week. Amanda Peet was there, too, just days after popping out her latest baby. What a trooper! (Page Six)
  • Sandra Bullock’s divorce papers revealed! (The Insider)
  • And, some thoughts on what Sandra’s pick of “Bardo” for adopted son Louis’s middle name could mean for “o” names in Hollywood and beyond. (Huffington Post)

(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

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