What Was Your First Makeup Experience?

makeupMy fascination with makeup started very, very young. When I was three or four, my mother enrolled me in dance classes, and the recitals required us to wear makeup. Mind you, it wasn’t a lot, but there was blush, bright red lipstick and, possibly, mascara. Around age 5, my mom brought me to Macy’s where my aunt worked at a makeup counter, and she did me up for a dance performance. My mother had a small pot of pink shimmer powder that you applied with a tiny cotton poof with a black bow as a handle; that was my favorite piece of her cosmetics to play with. Growing up I would put on blue eyeshadow, bright red blush and lipstick and walk around the house like nothing was different. The one time I ventured outside, a neighbor friend asked, horrified, “What’s on your face?”

Despite my longtime love of makeup, I didn’t start wearing it daily until middle school, when I discovered cover up and bronzer. And I’ve always had a thing for lip gloss. So I could sympathize when I read that the percentage of young girls wearing makeup daily is on the rise. I know my experience with makeup at such a very young age is probably unique, although fellow young performers can probably relate. But, I quizzed the women in the Crushable offices (which we share with our colleagues at TheGloss.com) on what their first encounters with makeup were.

Crushable associate editor Drew Grant admits that she first applied make-up — blue eyeshadow and red lipstick she bought at a dollar store — at age 11 or 12 for a school event, and a younger kid asked her if she was a clown, while Crushable editor-in-chief Erin Carlson said she didn’t get into makeup until high school. TheGloss’s editor-in-chief Lilit Marcus had her first cosmetics encounter while on vacation with her family in Scotland at age 7 — as a teen babysitter tried to amuse her. Jennifer Wright, TheGloss’s deputy editor, revealed that her mom gave her an Estee Lauder make-up kit when she was around 7, and told her to play. Lastly, intern Lisa Skapinker says she started wearing makeup in middle school when she started having to attend bar and bat mitzvahs weekly. Eventually the special occasion cosmetics turned into a daily thing.

What was your first experience with makeup? When did you first wearing it regularly — if you do wear it regularly? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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    • mjness13

      I think I started wearing it in the 7th grade. Evil pimples started to come so I was introduced to cover-up. From there I found my favorite thing in the world–eyeliner. I only wore these two things up until around sophomore year in high school. Then I added mascara to the list. Then during senior year I discovered bronzer. I’m about to graduate college next week and I still wear all of these things on a semi-daily basis, with eye-shadow included now. If I’m going out, I’ll wear make-up. But if I’m just having a day in with my boyfriend or best friends, I don’t. I love make-up and always have it on hand, but I don’t need to have it 24/7. I also like to keep it natural. I never was one to wear bright colors on my face. I like darker colors, but mostly black. I really like the smokey eyes look.