Siobhan Magnus Says ‘It’s Not Over’

SiobhanBubbly, soulful screecher Siobhan Magnus, the latest contestant voted off American Idol last night, wants to tell her fans — that call themselves “Siobon bons” and “Siobombies” — not to worry.

During a conference call with reporters today, Siobhan characterized her unexpected dismissal as “the end of one thing and the beginning of the next…a gateway to all the other things that I’ve aspired to do.” Those things include starring in an opera or Broadway show, like Phantom of the Opera or Jesus Christ Superstar, and working on her acting career. She hopes to one day appear in a “wicked gory horror film” with all the special effects makeup that she finds cool, and maybe collaborate with all her siblings on a project. And, of course, there will be the touring with Idol and recording her own album eventually.

“It’s been such a wild ride,” she added. “It’s not over, it’s just the next chapter. Now I can think even more about what’s next for me, which is hopefully going to be an array of things.”

Siobhan was careful not to pick favorites when asked who she thought had the best chance of winning this season (“I can honestly picture any one of them the winner at this point”) and who she had become closest to during taping (“we’re all so close and they’re all such cool, honest people”), and she spoke fondly about working with former Idol contestant Adam Lambert as mentor. “It’s wicked flattering being compared to him,” she said of Adam. “I respect him so much for his individuality and his presence.”

Now Siobhan heads back to her home on the cape of Massachusetts, where she’ll reunite with her huge family and boyfriend, who she said had been her rock through the Idol process. But is he the one she’s missed the most? “I can’t wait to see my cat, give her a big kiss,” Siobhan said.

(Photo courtesy of FOX)

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