Sandra Bullock Finally Speaks, Reveals Adopted Baby

Sandra Bullock People coverWhen the Sandra Bullock-Jesse James cheating scandal broke last month, one thing many celeb watchers noticed was that Sandra has always been a very private person, and it was out of character for her to have her personal life splashed all over the tabloids.

That fact became abundantly clear this morning when People magazine revealed the first post-scandal interview with Sandra, focusing not only on her break up from Jesse but on the newest addition to her life — adopted baby son Louis Bardo Bullock, a three-and-a-half month old born in New Orleans. Sandra told People that she and Jesse started the adoption process four years ago, and were granted custody of Louis in January. However, the couple decided to wait until after awards season to announce their adoption. And of course Jesse’s mistress Bombshell McGee had other plans.

People magazine’s managing editor Larry Hackett appeared on the Today show this morning to talk about their scoop, telling Meredith Vieira that, upon hearing about Jesse’s infidelities, Sandra packed some clothes for herself and her son and left town. Sandra claims she never knew about her husbands cheating and, although she is filing for divorce, she said she can’t think of life without Jesse’s three children and hopes to co-parent with her ex. However, Sandra said she’s continuing with the adoption process for Louis as a single parent.

Watch Larry’s full interview here:

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As for keeping Louis a secret all these months, Sandra compared it to a CIA operation. It seems she is surrounded by a very closet-knit group of friends and family who protect her and her family from the press. How, then, did the Jesse James cheating scandal blow up into such a huge media event?

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