EXCLUSIVE: Kristin Davis Dishes On ‘Sex And The City 2′

Given the choice between riding a camel in fancy clothes and trudging through desert sand dunes, Kristin Davis says she’d pick the former — and, as it happens, she does both in Sex And The City 2.

Kristin and her SATC castmates Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon are shown in the new trailer for the sequel hitching rides on a pair of camels on location in Morocco (a stand-in for Abu Dhabi, where most of the glittery plot is staged).

“Fun! Really, really fun,” Kristin told Crushable about the experience. “My outfit is actually the most camel-friendly outfit, I’m happy to say. I had pants on! Shocking, shocking news to everyone, I know. But you know, there were some challenges. Walking in the sand dunes was a lot harder than riding a camel, just so you know. Walking in any shoes at all in a sand dune is very challenging!”

The movie arrives May 27, and hype is building: Carrie runs into Aidan (John Corbett) in a bazaar! Charlotte has another baby! And — spoiler alert — Samantha is still having lots of sex.

“Charlotte has her other child, that’s about all I can say!” said Kristin about her alter ego’s super-secret storyline. “The movie’s totally different. It’s a roadtrip movie — we go on a trip, obviously. It’s a completely different tone.”

Compared with the 2008 film — which focused on Carrie’s devastating breakup from Mr. Big (Chris Noth) — the follow-up seems to be more of a frothy, light-hearted romp.

“I think so! I feel like there’s been a little bit — a  kind of an over-focus on that,” she said. “It obviously has some … you know,  like we always did, even in our half-hour version. (Editor’s note: We translate “you know” to mean “drama.”). It had both in it. It’s not like it’s all yuk-yuk, ha-ha! But it’s more of a fish-out-of-the-water, cultural-type story than it is just a New York-what’s-happening-in-our-lives story.”

The delightfully chatty actress was up bright and early Sunday morning to host the Seventh Annual More Magazine/Fitness Magazine Women’s Half-Marathon in Central Park. About 10,000 runners signed up for the race and crossed the finish line despite a chilly rain that soaked their marathon gear but not their spirits.

Kristin, who poses in a bikini on the latest cover of Fitness, shared an umbrella with Crushable and discussed her personal exercise philosophy, which is less hardcore and more do-what-you-feel (so long as you’re moving).

“I have ankle injuries,” she said. “I can’t run anymore, otherwise I would have been out there slogging through it with them today. I used to run and I loved it when I did it, and it gives you such a high, but it’s not called Running Magazine — it’s called Fitness Magazine. There’s a lot of ways (to stay fit), and I think that you have to be open to whatever you like and whatever you don’t like and I think you have to change it up. And don’t feel bad if you’re not running 13 miles! Obviously, that’s a really intense thing to be doing. You have to do what you enjoy and even if people go out and walk for 30 minutes, just walking outside is super healthy and wonderful. So I think there’s a risk in thinking that you have to do something really intense — because not everyone wants to do that and not everyone has time for that.”

Kristin works out with celebrity personal trainer Tracy Anderson, who is also fitness guru to Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce (a frequent presence in Tracy’s downtown Manhattan gym).

Tracy and her trainers have tailored a regimen for Kristin, and “so I don’t do the whole dance routine workout. A, I”m really bad at it and B, my ankles can’t take all of the things that they do,” she said. “And we change it up a lot, which is really nice, and I travel so much. I’m in a gym at a hotel and I’ll do the elliptical. Sometimes I’ll just do jumping jacks. … You have to just kind of take the pressure off yourself, as long as you’re doing something.”

The Fitness cover girl says in the magazine that posing in bikinis embarrasses her — however, on the shoot, photographers eased her mind.

She told Crushable, “I’ve never posed in a bikini before! I’m not comfortable doing that but they were super super nice and helpful … I like the fact that Fitness is focusing on health and not a sexualized bikini version. So that freed me up a bit to just kind of focus on fitness and health and not feel like I had to tart it up.”

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