101: Seven Tips For Posing On The Red Carpet

Jennifer LopezIf you ever find yourself in a red carpet situation, you need to be prepared. What’s the best way to pose? Should you smile? Where should you look? You may think this advice doesn’t apply to you, but you never know. A movie studio might pick up your screenplay, or your boyfriend could be nominated for a Juno award, and you’ll be thrust in front of a line of flash bulbs at a premiere or awards show. Here, celebrity photographer Jennifer Graylock gives Crushable seven tips for making sure you get the best photos snapped of you the next time you’re on the red carpet — or in any situation for that matter.

Wear color
“Stay away from black, because everyone wears black,” Jennifer told us. “Do you see anyone wearing black in the magazines? No. The pictures that run are anything other than black.” Wearing a colorful dress will make you stand out.

Focus your eyes
“When you’re in front of the photographer, don’t dart your eyes around,” Jennifer advised. “What you want to do is a steady pan.” Pose in one spot, then start by looking left to right, or right to left, and look at each individual camera in your line of vision. Then move to another spot down the carpet and do it again.

Take care of yourself
When celebs are drunk, hungover or tired, they can look pretty bad under harsh light of a flashbulb. Take a lesson from these hard-partying stars and get a good night sleep the night before your event (even though it can be hard if you’re excited) and don’t down too much champagne before stepping onto the red carpet.

Practice posing
“You have to look in the mirror and determine what part of your body looks best in what you’re wearing,” Jennifer said. Practice smiling, too.

Try the “secret model pose”
This is the classic pose you see many actresses using on the red carpet, and the one Jennifer Lopez is using in the photo above. Try it: put your hip towards the camera and rotate the top part of your body so it’s almost straight on at the camera. “That gives you an hourglass shape,” Jennifer explained. “So if you need to look like you’ve lost 20 pounds, that’s the way to pose.”

Find your pose and stick with it
When you feel comfortable on the red carpet, it will show in the photos. So, find the way you know you’ll look and feel the best, and it will calm you down and make you look your best in the process.

Have fun
Jennifer’s worked in the industry for years, so she has developed relationships with stars that she uses to get them to lighten up and have fun on the red carpet. You can also frequently hear her yell, “And one for the girl down at the end!” as she fights with her male counterparts for choice shots. How can you not have fun in an atmosphere like that?

(Photo from the 2010 Academy Awards by Jennifer Graylock)

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