Sex On The Wire: Dov Charney’s 10 Worst American Apparel Ads

  • Dov Charney, sex fiend or marketing genius? Finally, a gallery of the 10 most offensive American Apparel ads. (TheGloss)
  • She lost her virginity to a douchebag, and now she doesn’t want to have sex again until she’s engaged. Wendy Atterberry advises that her that avoiding sex — and heartbreak — is refusing to accept that pain is part of life. (The Frisky)
  • Whether they’ll admit it or not, guys really dig crazy women. (Asylum)
  • Breaking: Men LOVE curves. No, they really do.  (College Candy)
  • This girl’s in love with a baseball mascot. Hey, we love Ryan Seacrest! It’s all good! (Jezebel)
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