Emma Roberts And Freddie Highmore Do ‘Homework’ In New York City

Crushable spotted Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore shooting a scene Monday night for their upcoming indie film Homework. A small camera crew filmed them as they walked down a sidewalk in New York’s East Village; Emma, a natural brunette, had shiny blonde hair and stood much shorter than Highmore, who’s tall and lanky. A crew member would only describe the plot as “a teen movie,” and it appears to be a romance starring the actors. Emma, the 19-year-old niece of Julia Roberts, comes armed with a good slate of film credits including Valentine’s Day. Highmore, 18, is — no joke — what happened to that pale kid from August Rush and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory after a massive growth spurt. We feel old.

Lots of movies are filming in New York this spring!

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    • Chicagoborn

      I feel old too! That’s crazy!

    • LovinHighmore

      Freddie is 18 already? what! It feels like it was only last year when spiderwick came out and he was 14 in that right? and omg he’s sooo cute in charlie& the chocolate factory but even cuter in arthur =] he’s attractive in spiderwick but in this movie *grabs fan &tries to cool self down*

    • Nessa

      He was SO attractive in Spiderwick. He’s a lot older than me though, but looked cute in Spiderwick. Sigh