Crushable Questionniare: Jessica Radloff

JessicaAnswering our Crushable questionnaire today is Jessica Radloff, an actress based in L.A. who is working hard to get herself cast in the movie Three Men and a Bride. It’s her dream role, but will the movie ever actually get made? In the meantime, Jessica’s auditioning and hosting some shows on the TV Guide Network. Here, she lets us get a peak into her world:

1. What’s your backstory?

I’m a St. Louis native, and still love my hometown (and my St. Louis Cardinals!) even though life has taken me to Los Angeles for the past eight years. Life hasn’t been all glamorous though, as I often kid (but am totally serious!) that I was the original Ugly Betty — didn’t fit in, was always made fun of, and to top it all off, had three learning disabilities that caused my peers to say I’d never amount to anything. But somehow, I managed to turn my ‘disabilities’ into abilities (thanks Bill Cosby!) and gained a determination to succeed that I didn’t know I had. I loved TV growing up, and parlayed that interest (along with my love of sports) into an internship at NBC Sports in St. Louis during my freshman year at the University of Arizona. I was the only female allowed in the Cardinals clubhouse after the games, which also happened to be the summer of McGwire’s 70 HRs. Next up: the national scene, and an internship at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. And so began my journey to Los Angeles (once I graduated from Arizona). In the years since, I’ve been a series regular on the Curb Your Enthusiasm produced sitcom, Campus Ladies for two seasons, and an on-air host for the TV Guide Network. Appearances on Entourage, The Young and the Restless and Desperate Housewives followed, along with writing for SoCal Scene Magazine, Celebuzz/Buzznet, The Los Angeles Examiner and more. The entertainment industry hasn’t been easy, and there’s been more heartache than I’d like, but I’m most proud of my resiliency in the face of adversity. It’s kind of Hallmark-y, I know, but it’s true. Don’t Stop Believing! It’s my motto!

2. Everyone has a “thing.” What’s yours?

Cleanliness—and no wearing shoes in the house!

3. Everyone also has a karaoke song. Name yours (and don’t be shy).

I’d love to say “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, but I’m a big believer that Steve Perry should be the only person every allowed to sing that song! In that case, I should start recruiting him to sing at my wedding now, which might still be years away (it might take that long to get him to commit anyway!)

4. Who are your biggest influences?

Anyone who overcomes adversity and doesn’t give up. And my parents, who teach me to be the best, most well-rounded and compassionate person I can.

5. What is it you most dislike?

People who just don’t think. I’m always amazed at the lack of common sense by some really smart people. Also, people who aren’t self-aware and who fail to think about others.

6. Whose job would you like to steal?

Any of the co-hosts from The View?

7. What was your best date?

The best dates are those where you have butterflies and just pure joy being around each other. So with that said, my best date was when my date and I tried on all sorts of different Halloween costumes and modeled them for each other. It was hilarious—I’ve never seen such a hot ‘rabbi’ in my life. (Yes, he had a rabbi costume, complete with a 3-foot long beard!) After that, we did the cheesiest thing ever and decided to watch Silver Spoons on DVD at his place while sitting in our costumes While I was dressed as an ‘Eskimo cutie,’ we then had our first kiss. It couldn’t have been any better! (For the record, he was dressed in an Elvis pant suit by then, and not the rabbi!)

8. What was your worst?

This guy who flat out said to me in the first five minutes: “There are three things you need to know about me: 1) I’m always right. 2) If you are at all high-maintenance, I don’t want to deal with you. 3) A woman is only on earth to support a man.” Check please! Need I say more?

9. When I wake up in the middle of the night its because I’ve had a nightmare that I’m ___ .

Being chased by kidnappers. Or just experienced an earthquake!

10. I feel my best when I’m wearing ___ .

A tan (sun-less of course!)

11. Please settle the debate: New York or LA?

LA, just because I like to drive. And they have Sprinkles cupcakes.

12. What’s on your playlist at this very moment?

A compilation of just about everything from the 80s, 90s and today (although does today mean the 00’s and the 10’s?).

13. What are you watching on TV?

Modern Family, Glee, SportsCenter, Desperate Housewives, MSNBC, DWTS, The Bachelor, Idol, Southland, The Middle, Greys, Private Practice and The Little Couple (on TLC).

14. If you alone held the power to pick a boyfriend for Jennifer Aniston, who would you pick?

George Clooney.

15. Given the chance, would you rather hang out with George Clooney or Robert Downey Jr.?

Ha! Mr. Clooney hands down.

16. If you were a character on any movie or TV show, past or present, who would you be?

Mary in the upcoming Three Men and a Bride

17. What is your drug of choice?

Pretzel bread

18. What’s the last thing you think about before falling asleep at night?

How many hours of sleep I’m going to get.

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