‘Real Housewives’ Doll Recap: Ramona’s Crazy Eyes Walk The Runway

They’re baaaaaaaaack!!!!!!

Finally, after a string of depressing episodes about Jill and Bethenny’s breakup, the Real Housewives of New York returned in fighting form last night. The episode centered around the bootleg Brooklyn Fashion Show, which Alex had helped organize (because she lives in the Cobble Hill neighborhood, so she has B’lyn street cred). She also got to pick the models to walk the runway. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, Alex picked herself! Also, Playboy model Kelly and Crazy Eyes Ramona were selected too, and did not disappoint. Jill, who sat and snarked from the sidelines with Alex’s metro husband Simon, busted up with laughter upon witnessing the Best Housewives Moment Of All Time: Crazy Eyes walking down the runway. We cannot do it justice, so you need to watch this and try not to pee in your pants.

Jill, who is turning evil this season, was lapping up the hilarity. She arrived way overdressed, sporting a designer cocktail dress fit for a 25-year-old, and bristled over the trashy Brooklyn surroundings. NEVER AGAIN! Later, when Alex tromped down the catwalk, Jill remarked, “Alex has a model body, but not so much her face.”

Then she left without saying goodbye to the ladieeez, and Ramona got pissed! She thought Jill was jealous that Alex didn’t invite HER to walk in the event — which is probably true, and Jill would never admit it. Still, if she had to leave, she had to leave — it’s not the end of the world. But since Ramona is the center of her own universe, she took it as a personal affront and confronted Jill at a party attended by Kelly, Countess and saucy new Housewife/maneater Sonja, one of two newbies on the show.

“Why didn’t you say goodbye?!?” chirped Ramona.

“I can’t DEAL!!!!” barked Jill.

Jill’s motto this season: “I can’t DEAL!! I don’t NEED THE TOXICITY.”

Crushable’s Housewives Dolls have kindly agreed to recreate Thursday’s trainwreck. We are currently casting new dolls for the upcoming Jersey edition.

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