Make Your Own: Haute, Bought Tie-Dye

After some serious (ok, 10 mins max) thought…I dub the look of Spring 2010 “Summercamp Steez” because right now tie-dye is pretty major. Proenza Schouler showed superjuicy bright striped dresses and tees for  spring and after that … the effect seemed to snowball. Tie-dye is a perfect pattern for right now because it can be in any color, feels one of a kind and is easy to DIY and claim it’s, like, totalllyyyyy designer!

If going elbow deep in RIT dye and rubber bands isn’t exactly your cup of tea, here are 3 different takes on this pattern du jour for your everyday life:

Ridiculously Expensive Luxury Classic Splurge:

Proenza Schouler long sleeve tee: $375

Since Jack & Lazaro are pretty much the kickstarters of this used-to-be-only-for-hippies-and-white-hats pattern, they are probs your best bet for the perfect tie-dye staple for the season. This black-and-white longsleeve would be perfect about 5,000 different ways- I would wear it with an equally as patterned skirt and crazy wedges.

The Unexpected:

Bodkin tie-dye bralette: $215

If you want your tie-dye to be a little bit more surprising, Brooklyn’s Bodkin makes a super-cute denim and hemp bralette top. So good with a highwaisted skirt and some kind of lightweight army jacket … or if you aren’t shy, just some saucy shorts?

Cheap Thrills (Editor: our favorite!)
Tights & Thigh-Highs by The Sock Man: $10

By investing only ten bones in a pair of thigh-high tie-dye (say it 5 times fast) socks, you can kill two trend birds with one stone (tie-dye AND socks with sandals) without sweating the price pretty much at all. I think I own every pair of tie-dye that the Sock Man has to offer- I like the blue socks and the multi tights.

If you DO feel like you want to get your DIY on … Allow yourself to be inspired by Martha Stewart and the Proenza boys doing a little teevee time crafternoon!

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